I had Walking London with me on a recent trip to London and found it extremely entertaining, well-researched, easy to follow and by far the best travel guide I have ever used.
Mary from Canada

A Christmas card from six ladies who have had some wonderful days out in London thanks to your wonderful book Walking London. We can’t thank you enough.
Wendy from Essex

I just wanted to thank you for writing the Walking London book. It is absolutely amazing. We have now done a bunch of the walks and even though we think we know the area, the walks always lead us to discover something new.
Katharina G

A fantastic book containing interesting walks around various parts of London. All the walk routes are well planned and as well as taking in the larger tourist attractions they also point out smaller, interesting facts that you might otherwise miss. A real eye-opener from a Londoner's point of view. Also worth a look is Andrew Duncan's Secret London book which details more of the history and more facts about London.
reader from London

I used Walking London while walking in London two years ago, and I'm taking it to London again this summer. The variety of walks is a joy. I did not see this book on sale while in London, and some English friends saw mine and wanted a copy for themselves. No wonder – it's that good. If you like to walk and do other exploring besides the usual London tourist things, then don't go to England without a copy of this book in your suitcase or backpack.
Sharon from South Carolina

Last Christmas my best friend gave me your book Walking London and last weekend I walked the last one. I’ve never written a fan letter before, but I wanted to tell you how much my friends and I had enjoyed your walks. The memorable experiences I would never had without your book are numerous…wading through waist-deep floods on Richmond towpath; crossing by Hammerton’s Ferry to see Ham House again; sea food in Hay’s Galleria, pints in the George or the Dove, cream teas in Kensington Palace Orangery, maids-of-honour cakes in Kew. And the delight of discovering woods, galleries, water, winding alleys, historic sites, nature reserves on our doorstep…and the time when my boyfriend met the stag near Hampton Court, the moorhens in the water garden, the wisteria in the Bishop’s Palace and so on…Spring in the King’s Road, Summer in Bloomsbury, Autumn in Kenwood, Christmas in Mayfair…I’d also like to say how much I appreciate the ethos of your book: encouraging a nearly free, environmentally friendly, spiritually enriching activity.
Phoebe from West Sussex

On a glorious sunny evening we have just completed your Greenwich walk from your book Walking London. This concludes the last walk. It feels rather like finishing a superb novel – rushing to enjoy all the book has to offer and yet disappointed it is over (at least for the first time). During the last two years in rain and shine you have led us to some marvellous places. I thought I knew London quite well until I started on your splendid walks. Then I realised I had not even started to scratch the surface…With the help of your book I now know London is the most superb town in the world. We are now on Secret London – the walk around St James’s is one of your best.
Liz H

I am writing to say how much I enjoy your walks. My partner Carl and I regularly go on one of your walks as a hobby. We have so far completed 28 of them and we often bump into other people clutching the same book on the walks. Even on the walks where I know every street, such as central London, I still enjoy them and learn new things. When the area is new I enjoy them especially. My favourites are Notting Hill and Highgate to Hampstead. Please write some more!
Golan A

The only problem with this book is that one would have to live in London to have the time to do all 30 walks! The level of detail for the walks is just right - long enough to make it interesting, short enough that it can be read and followed while actually doing the walk. Each walk has a summary paragraph; the start and finish location with underground and bus information on how to reach that location; the length [distance] of the walk; the time required to do the walk; information on refreshments en route; and then the walk itself with a route map of the walk. For added flexibility, the map and commentary allow one to start/stop each walk at just about any point on the route. I teach an Insider's London class and recommend this book for both first-time and return visitors.
Marda from California

I have now completed many of Andrew Duncan's walks around London. The first one I tried was around Westminster and I enjoyed it so much I went again with my husband. We both enjoyed it, so we took two friends. They borrowed the book and took two of their friends. Each walk is fascinating and although you may be visiting areas which you have visited many times before, it's the interesting bits that Andrew points out which make the areas come alive, whether it's flamingos on a roof top in Kensington or the site of the water pump which spread cholera through London. I really would recommend this book to anyone, young or not so young, and everyone I've lent it to has gone on to buy one for themselves
Mrs H

My wife and I together with another couple have so far done six of the walks in your first book – which we only picked up recently. Each walk is proclaimed the best yet. Thank you so much for researching, writing and publishing the book. I'm sure we'll buy another one just as soon as we've done all that we can from the first one. Thought it would be nice to thank you for the joy and pleasure we are getting from your book.
Mark L

My favorite memories of six months spent working in London were of the walks I took from Walking London just about every weekend. Some of the walks are short enough that you can do two or three in a day, depending on what adventures arise. The best for me was Kew to Hammersmith, along the Thames, an all day walk, where I had tea in a church basement, a pint in a pub on Strand-on-the-Green, got caught in a rainstorm in a church graveyard, got lost in the woods on the grounds of Chiswick Manor...my workmates were very impressed, and started asking to come along! Highly recommended if you are planning an extended stay in London, or have been there a few times already and seen the major sites.
Margaret from New York

Though I’m an avid reader, you’re the first author to whom I’ve ever written a note…but I had to take the time. My wife and I just returned from a wedding anniversary trip to London, and had the good fortune to have your book Walking London as a guide.  Every day was devoted to taking one or more of your walks, and we loved every minute. We couldn’t believe how much of London we saw (and how many interesting little alleys we explored) that we would never have found on our own. We even had the pleasure of exploring Highgate Cemetery on Halloween! Your imaginative walks, meticulous directions, and interesting insight made it a wonderful trip for us. We had a couple of days to visit my sister in Paris after our time in London, and bought a couple of similar walking tour books to try to recreate the experience. It only made us appreciate how exceptional your publication was. Now that I see you have several other publications on London walks, I can’t wait until our next trip back.
Malcolm from the USA

 Just wanted to say how much I love this book. I visit London quite frequently and really enjoy walking everywhere. Then my daughter gave me your book last Xmas (great present!) and each time I visit I try to do two of the walks discovering streets and places I would never have found without it. Its brilliant. Thanks.
Celia from Bournemouth

We are a couple of New Zealanders who have been fortunate to be able to come to the UK for several weeks at a time for the last five years. We were recommended your book, Walking London: Thirty Original Walks In and Around London, when we first arrived and a few weeks ago we completed walking the whole thirty which we are delighted to have completed. We have enjoyed every one of them and learning some of the history of different sections of the walks. They have taken us to parts of London we would not have seen and didn’t know anything about and we’ve also met some very interesting people. We also took some wrong turnings but they also took us to some interesting places! Many thanks for writing this great book which has given us, and many other folk, so much pleasure.
Robyn and Peter from New Zealand

We have just returned from a few days in London and I felt that I just had to drop you a line and say how much we have enjoyed using your book Walking London. We have visited the City many times and are originally from the area, but your book made us realise how much we just did not know! You must have done an awful lot of research and we have benefited greatly from that. We only managed four of the walks so lots left for next time. Thanks once again.
Marilyn S