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As a guide and historian my work focuses on London, England, the capital of the UK.


This great city with its roots in the ancient world – it was founded by the Romans in the first century AD – has so much to teach us about the past and the present, and also about the future.


For years I have been exploring London, learning about its history and heritage and finding out about what’s going on in the city today and what may or may not happen here in the future. This has been as much a labour of love as of profit.


Through sharing what I have learnt in books and guided walks, I know – because I’ve been told – that many other people have been enabled or

encouraged to begin their own journeys of discovery in the capital. This knowledge is incredibly rewarding to me because my main mission is to introduce as many people as possible to the history and heritage of this wonderful city of ours.


Exploring London is a slow process which can’t be rushed. But that doesn’t matter because with each step you take, you advance your under-
standing of the city and you increase the total sum of your happiness as a resident of – or visitor to – this sometimes overwhelming metropolis. Well, that’s what I think anyway.


My father used to say you needed money to enjoy London. I disagree. It’s not money you need, it’s knowledge, and that’s easily and cheaply acquired – especially if you do it on foot!

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‘Andrew Duncan…has a feel for the city and a knack of finding (and linking) major sights and forgotten corners which few can match.’