I am writing to congratulate you on your two London books, both of which my husband and I have thoroughly enjoyed. Despite living in this area all our lives, it is only since purchasing your Walking London that we have been able to explore. We have found the book to be well-written, and the routes extremely accurate and easy to follow. I have also received your Secret London as a gift – what a great pleasure and so easy to follow. The three river walks and the two around St Paul’s have been most exciting, and we have learned much of the little-known facts of the City from the remainder of the book. Many thanks for making London so interesting.
Mary C

I am writing to say how much I enjoyed your books Walking London and Secret London. A friend and I go up to town once a month and take one of your walks. We have seen some delightful parts of London that but for your books we would never have known existed.
Joan from Hampshire

 Since I retired five years ago I have been meeting an old work colleague for walks in London every few months. After a couple of years of self-inspired locations (Greenwich, Regent's Canal, Hampstead Heath, London's Parks, the Guildhall...) my daughter discovered your Secret London and passed it to me. What fun we have had: St James's, The City, the Livery Companies (the Skinner's still do a wonderful tour of their Hall). My friend’s daughter has just started work in a school in Holland Park, so our next walk has to be the Campden Hill Spur. Many thanks for your imagination and enthusiasm. My admiration for our capital just grows and grows.
Peter B