Thanks for a marvellous book. It has inspired us to get off our backsides and WALK!!
David D

Andrew Duncan’s Favourite London Walks has got to be the best walking book of London that I have ever used. Being an avid walker, I have found this book invaluable! My friends and I have spent many a weekend walking around London, learning about the history of this great city, thanks to this book. It is a great way to spend a day and also very cheap as walking doesn't cost a thing! I recommend that anyone living in London should buy this book; they will get so much pleasure from it! Andrew Duncan does a fantastic job of leading you around some fabulous places in London that you would probably never find on your own. Not only that, but he also brings each place to life with really interesting historical facts which never cease to amaze us! This is by far the best walking book; the maps are easy to follow and the information is fascinating! I only wish that Mr Duncan would write another book soon as we have now done most of these walks!!! Buy it now!!!
Cath P

I bought the Favourite London Walks last year and did some of them. I quickly became addicted and soon made it my mission to complete every walk in the book. I logged the date I did them. I love the book its so informative and its easy to follow. And then.........I accidentally put it on the sofa with the Sunday papers and somehow it got lost amongst them and I put it out with the recycling. They came to empty the bins on Thursday. I am devastated that I lost my book, especially because I had logged the dates. Through your website I am going to buy the book again. I can't live without it. I have to do them all. I am sure I will buy some of your other books.
Ann M

I had to send this e-mail to you by way of thanking you for writing your book Favourite London Walks. My partner and I completed 'The City - west of St. Pauls' walk on Sunday and enjoyed it very much. The text was clear and easy to follow and the information given at specific points of interest was just right. I have lived in London for 10 years now and still delight in the fact that there is still so much more to discover. Your book is the ONLY one I have found (and there are many out there) that contains so many Central London and City of London walks. Perfect! Many thanks, once again.
Alex S

Just to say our dear daughter gave us your book for Christmas 2002. So far we have only managed nine of your walks, BUT they have been absolutely superb. They are easy to follow and the information you give to the walker is simply superlative. I am already planning my next walk in London by myself (just retired) when I can, having done the Covent Garden walk yesterday before going to the ballet with my daughter! Thank you so very, very much for giving both myself and my husband so much pleasure.
Bobbie R

I wanted to get to know the city in more than the typical touristy way, and this book made it possible. The walks were really the highlight of my four weeks of study in London; I met so many interesting, friendly people and saw so many things that might not have been destinations in and of themselves but were memorable as part of the walks. I was a college student (female) traveling alone when I used this book, and it gave me the confidence to explore many places that I wouldn't otherwise have ventured to, simply because I had some sense of what I could expect when I arrived. One of the most amusing moments was when I bumped into another walking tourist at the Portobello Road market...he also had a copy of the book and was following the Notting Hill tour on the same morning that I was.
mom & education professor from Michigan

Having bought your book some months ago, because it looked really interesting as a 'read', our group of four who regularly walk in Sussex, decided to give London a go. We have now done two of your walks, the east and west of St Paul's and this is to congratulate you and say thanks for making two memorable days for us. Full of interest, easy to follow and a real sense of having got to know a fascinating part of London. We look forward to lots more, 48 to go!
John C